Phone:  888 836 1212                                          Fax: 818 831 9652
Mark Johnson, director of PR/Communications Freephone: 818 357 5690
How long until my text link is placed? Typically, after your purchase is complete, your link will be live in 3 - 5 business days
Is there a waiting list for currently sold-out text link positions? Yes!  Since our spaces are very popular and limited, our clients tend to purchase text links for an extended period of time.  However, we do have a wait list for certain spaces that may be available.  To place your name on the wait list, please send an email to
Do you provide designs for banner ads? Yes!  Our team of designers can design for you several banner ads to choose from before your ad goes live
What should I expect by using your services? will provide you with the proper SEO necessary to increase your traffic and help boost your company's exposure to internet users.  You should expect only the best in customer service and excellence in our results.
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